Maria discovers America

at least a part of it =)


Up to 113° - Death Valley

I don't know why but we decided that Death Valley should be our next destination. I also decided not to turn on the AC cause I was scared our car would overheat and we wouldn't be able to leave this hot spot. That was a terrible mistake. I cannot remember that I ever sweated that much before. Seriously, when we stopped at Badwater I was happy to leave the car cause it was colder outside...We turned the AC on after that. Still having no hat (those who know me know that the sun isn't my best friend) I stayed in the car while Basti walked to the Natural Bridge. We haven't done a lot more there because it was simply too hot. Way too hot for me...

a new friend? ;)@ Badwater@ BadwaterNatural Bridge??? Hotel in the Death Zone?!


Viva Las Vegas!

Vegas, Baby! Obviously, our road trip brought us to Las Vegas as well. We planned to stay for two nights - one to explore The Strip and take all the pictures we wanted to have, and one to enjoy being older than 21 and nobody telling us that we have to leave the casino immediately :D

  Caesars Palace Flamingo :) Bellagio New York New York Luxor Paris huge icecream sandwich - it was enormous

Like I said, we gambled - just a little bit. And we even won!!!

Naturally, we also visited Hoover Dam and Lake Mead during the day. They built a bridge with access for pedestrians since we have been there the last time. Now you can have a stunning view at Hoover Dam from up above.

  Hoover Dam Lake Mead


Grand Canyon

We naturally haven't left Arizona without seeing the Grand Canyon. We were curious if the North Rim looks any different than the South Rim and we weren't disappointed at all - it is different. The north is a lot greener than the south and that really surprised us. But it was beautiful, so pretty. After spending some time there we made our way to the south. Unfortnately, it took us longer than expected and so we were only able to see the sunset there before it turned totally dark.

  North Rim even Basti looks small here :D South Rim


Zion National Park and Bryce Canyon

We planned to visit Bryce Canyon and Zion National Park that day. Unfortunately, there was a lot of driving so we could not do any hikes there. Fortunately, you already can see a lot by just driving through and stopping at the scenic points and we were amazed by what we saw.

Zion National Park Bryce Canyon looks like I'm too little... ...whereas Basti is tall enough ;)


1500 Miles

After being in Memphis the longest drive waited for us - we planned to drive from Memphis to Page in Arizona which made about 1500 miles. There is actually not much to say - we drove, chamged seats, slept, watched the sunset in Oklahoma and the sunrise in New Mexico, visited two National Monuments and were in 4 states at the same time. When we finally arrived in Page we had some serious problems to find a place to stay. Nearly all hotels had no rooms left and it took us some time to find something.

Short trip to Mississppi already in Arkansas! next state - Oklahoma sunset in Oklahoma sleeping in Texas (me, Basti was driving) we both slept in New Mexico for 2 hours... ...and watched the sunrise afterwards :) Aztec Ruins National Monument arriving in Colorado visiting Mesa Verde Arizonaaaaa :D  We are in 4 states at the same time!!!


Memphis and Elvis

What are you doing in Memphis? - Visiting Graceland, right. That's what we did. And a little bit more.

Jungle Room Oh Johnny :) Memorial for Martin Luther King Jr


Great Smokey Mountains National Park -or- chicken instead of live music

There's not much to say about The Great Smokey Mountains National Park except for - it was beautiful and foggy.

It already started to rain on our way to Nashville. Not just a little bit - I couldn't see anything at all while I was driving the car. Our plan was to see Nashville in the early evening and listen to some live music afterwards. But three minutes after we had left the hotel it started raining so hard that we had to turn around. We were wet within seconds and it was impossible to go somewhere. That's why we just ordered some chicken instead. :(

it's raining... Nashville - that's all we saw


The Blue Ridge Parkway

OK, I need to change some things. I noticed hat a lot of time has passed since I wrote the last time. Today is August 18 and we saw many things the last days. Actually, every day we see something different. So please don't be mad, if there is less text but I just don't have that much time :)

So, when we left Shenandoah we drove directly to the Blueridge Parkway. This isn't that hard since Blueridge starts where Shenandoah ends. We spent there two days, slept in the car twice and just enjoyed the wonderful nature. We would have enjoyed it even more if there wasn't that much fog and actually also rain. Nevertheless, we made the best out of it, did some very short hikes (the shortest lasted about a minute) and even took a picture at the highest peak during the hardest rain.

Natural Bridge  where is Basti? ;)

And I just remember - we saved the lifes of some dogs! Stopping for breakfast somewhere, we saw two dogs. They were totally alone, nobody was around and they looked like someone just forgot them. We gave them some water and meat. Unfortunately, we couldn't call a ranger because we had no service. So we just stopped at the next visitor center to tell someone about them and now they are happy again :D

saved the doggies lifes :)

Actually, what the ranger told us was that the dogs belong to someone and it's normal that they walk around somewhere...  ;)


Shenandoah National Park

Unfortunately, the weather was against us. Entering Shenandoah National Park it became more and more foggy. Although we weren't able to get the promised views, it was beautiful. Though it was cloudy we could see for miles and once we climbed on of the mountains we were deeply impressed by the nature.

our car - Dodge Charger *.*

Being already in Virgina and near Charlottesville, we decided to visit Monticello as well. Thomas Jefferson used to live here and, as well as Mt Vernon, this place was beautiful and very interesting since he designed a lot of details by his own.

Monticello vegetable garden



Museums for free... Washington DC :D

It was even more impressing than I expected and to be honest: one day is not enough to see everything. Washington has so many interesting and beautiful museums and you can easily spend a whole week there. We had a day and so we walked and visited as much as we could until our feet hurt...once again! Our walk started at the US State Capitol and took us to all the stunning buildings and memorials along the National Mall - Smithsonian Institution, Lincoln Memorial, Jefferson Memorial, Washington Monument, The White House,... we saw them all. Passing the White House, we were told to leave The Ellipse at once because someone important was about to arrive. Unfortunately didn't find out who but it was quiet exciting  :)


Library of Congress Library of Congress US State Capitol National Museum of American Indian Smithsonian Institution Washington Monument Martin Luther King Jr Memorial Reflecting Pool Lincoln Memorial Vietnam Veterans Memorial World War II Memorial The White House Washington National Cathedral can you see Darth Vader? ;)

The next day we visited Mt Vernon - the place where Washington lived - before we made our way to Shenandoah National Park.

Mt Vernon the garden what a view...


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